Frequently Asked Questions Answers to the most common medical questions asked by customers and patients

Product administration recommendations

Bio-Kult is safe for long-term administration. These supplements can be used at specific times such as: after taking antibiotics, while traveling abroad and in winter.

Some of the ingested bacteria may be able to colonize the inside of the intestinal mucosa in the short term, while others begin to work during their movement through the digestive system, before being excreted in the stool. Therefore, a regular daily intake is recommended to help maintain a balanced intestinal flora and to support the digestive and immune system.

Most live bacteria colonize transitory and are eliminated from the gastrointestinal tract in less than two weeks, so repeated administration is required.

To achieve the desired effect, Bio-Kult products should be administered as recommended in the package leaflet.

Product Packaging

Blistering the product ensures the stability, integrity and quality of each capsule until the end of its shelf life. This type of packaging protects the contents against extreme temperatures and gives greater flexibility in the event of shocks.